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Mono or Two Channel
Two Inputs
Six Outputs
Calibrated Repeatable Settings
     ...in 1dB Increments
No Front Panel Controls 

Model 4926
2 x 6 Audio Distribution Amplifier

Photograph - Model 4926 - Front

The one rack unit Model 4926 is a unique and versatile two input by six output distribution amplifier that can be used in either mono or two channel mode as each of its six outputs can be assigned to either input or the sum of both inputs. 

Audio quality is assured by quality components being used throughout and excellent operating specifications: >114dB dynamic range,  +21dB maximum operating level, 20kHz bandwidth 0.5dB, better than -90dB crosstalk, less than 0.01% THD. Both inputs and outputs are servo-balanced so that the I/O circuits cab be unbalanced with no change in gain. 

Absence of front panel controls discourages tampering. All level and assignment settings are made from the rear panel using the dip switches provided for each input and output channel. 

Input level settings are made in 1dB steps, with absolute repeatability, between unity and 15dB of available gain. Each input setup is aided by a rear panel LED calibration indicator that lights at 0dBu. Attenuation settings of the six outputs, between unity and -31dB, is adjusted in 1dB steps with five position dip switches. 

The operational status of the Model 4926 is obtained with a quick glance at the front panel indicators. Each input features a green LED that lights at 0dBu and a red one that lights 3dB before clipping. Each output features a -10dB and 0dB green LED to indicate the presence of a signal and headroom. A green LED indicates power-on. 

Detachable (euro-style) screw terminal connectors are featured for fast installation and service. The built-in power supply is connected to the mains via a captive, six foot, grounded mains cord through a 100 - 130 / 200 - 260 VAC voltage selector switch and 0.5A Slo-Blo fuse. 

Photo - Model 4926, Rear



Model 4926

Number of Inputs: 

Number of Outputs: 
Six. Assignable to either input or the sum of both inputs. 

Maximum Operating Level: 

Dynamic Range: 
Greater than 114dB. 

Frequency Response: 
20Hz - 20kHz 0.5dB. 

Better than -97dBv at Unity Gain. 

Better than -90dB. 

Less than 0.001% THD at maximum operating level. 

Input and Output Circuits: 
Active servo-balanced differential. Can operate unbalanced with no change in gain. 

Input and Output Impedances: 
30k ohms, balanced. 
10k ohms, unbalanced. 
102 ohms, balanced. 
51 ohms, unbalanced. 


Input and Output Level Controls: 
Each input and output channel is independently adjustable in 1.0dB steps with its own dip switch control. 
Input Range:  
0 (unity) to 15dB gain. 
Output Range: 
0 (unity) to -31db attenuation. 

All indicators are single-state LEDs. 
Front Panel Input: 
Green light at 0dB. 
Red light 3dB before clipping. 
Rear Panel Input: 
Green light at 0dB. 
Front Panel Output: 
Green light at 0dB. 
Green light at -10dB. 
Front Panel Power: 
Green light at power-on. 

Phoenix type (removable screw terminal). 

Power Requirements: 
Rear panel switch: 100-130 VAC or 200-260 VAC, 50/50Hz, 30 watts. Fixed mains cord. 0.5A Slo-Blo fuse. 

Dimensions and Weight: 
1.75" (1RU) by 19" (std. EIA) by 11.2" - 8 lbs. 
4.5cm by 48.3cm by 28.5cm - 3.6kg. 

Gray painted brushed aluminum with black nomenclature.

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