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One-Third Octave R-C Active
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4700 & 4700-2
Digitally Controlled Active Equalizers

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Photograph - 4700 - Front

General Description:
The 4700 and two channel version, 4700-2, are digitally controlled, R-C active, 28 band, one-third octave graphic equalizers with adjustable high and low-pass filters and 10 memory presets. They are constructed with a full front panel to control every aspect of the equalizer's operation. Factory installed remote control, network and back lighted LCD display options are available. 

Crossover & Pink Noise Options:
The 4700 (but not the 4700-2) can be equipped with either a crossover network card or a pink noise generator card. These options must be installed by White Instruments at the factory. The crossover options include 2 or 3-way, Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley with 6, 12, 18 or 24dB/octave characteristics. 

High and Low-Pass Filters:
These band limiting filters are adjusted with the built-in software, each in 8 steps, over a range of 10Hz through 160Hz for the high-pass filter and 32kHz through 6kHz for the low-pass filter. The response is 12dB/octave. 

Other Features:
A bypass switch on the rear panel performs a hardwire bypass of the equalizer by connecting the input(s) to the output(s). A mute relay mutes the output(s) on power-up/down to protect the sound system. The servo-balanced input(s) and output(s) can be operated, unbalanced, without a change in level or dynamic range. Level(s) are adjusted in 0.5dB steps.

Model 4700
Photograph - 4700 - Rear 
Model 4700-2
Photograph - 4700-2 - Rear


4700 & 4700-2

Safety Certification:
UL Listed 
Number of Channels:
4700 - One. 
4700-2 - Two. 

Display & Front Panel Controls:
2 line by 16 character LCD display. 
4-key cursor Diamond. 
Function and Enter keys. 

Number of Memories:
10 (ten), non-volatile. 

Maximum Operating Level:
+18dBu into 600 ohms. Balanced or unbalanced. 

Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz with all filters set to their flat settings. 

Dynamic Range:
Greater than 100dB. 

Recommended Average Operating Level:
0dBu (0.775 volts rms) for 18dB of headroom. 

+82dBu, 20kHz Bandwidth, Worst Case. 

Less than 0.05% THD at maximum operating level. 

Input Circuit:
Active servo-balanced differential. Can operate unbalanced with no change in gain. 

Input Impedance:
60 kilohms, balanced. 30 kilohms, unbalanced. 

Input Common Mode Rejection:
Greater than 85dB at or below 1kHz and Greater than 65dB at 10kHz. 

Output Circuit:
Active servo-balanced differential. Can operate unbalanced with no change in gain. 

Output Impedance:
102 ohms, balance. 51 ohms, unbalanced. 

Outputs are muted during power up and down. Each output can be individually muted.

Filter Type: 
R-C Active, Single-pole pair. 

Control Centers:
28 one-third octave filters on ISO standard center frequencies from 31.5Hz through 16kHz. 

Frequency Tolerance:
5% of center frequency. 

High-Pass Filter:
12dB/Octave response. Adjustable from 10Hz to 160Hz in 8 steps. 

Low-Pass Filter:
12dB/Octave response. Adjustable from 32kHz to 6kHz in 8 steps. 

0dB to +12dB in 0.5dB steps. 

EQ In/Out Switch:
Located on the rear panel. Performs a hardwire bypass of the equalizer by connecting the input(s) to the output(s). 

Audio Signal - Barrier. 
Control - 9-pin Sub-D (if installed). 

Power Requirements:
100 - 130 VAC or 200-260 VAC, 50/50Hz. 
4700 - 19W (150mA). 
4700-2 - 28W (215mA). 

Dimensions and Weight:
1.75" by 19" (rack mount 1RU) by 12". 
4.5cm by 48.3cm by 30.5cm. 
9lbs. - 4.1kg. 

Operating Temperature:
1-70 degrees C. 

Gray painted brushed aluminum. Black nomenclature. 

White Windows(95) v2.xx Software, (included with option). 

Options & Accessories:
- 2 ft. interface cable, 9-conductor. 
Models 4700 & 4700-2 Factory Installed Options
4701 - Remote Preset Select Interface & PA422 Output. 
4702 - RS-232 Input Control Interface & PA422 Output. 
4703 - PA422 Control Interface. 
Model 4700 Factory Installed Options
4700BL - Backlit Display. 
4706(A) - Pink/White Noise Generator Card. 
4707 - Bi-amp Crossover Card. 
4708 - Tri-amp Crossover Card. 
4700BL & 4700-2BL - Backlit Displays.

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