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Phantom Powered
Requires No Batteries
Digital Noise
Accurate Pinking Filter

Photograph - Model 155 Pink NOISETUBE

Model 155





The Model 155 Pink NOISETUBE comes from a long line of fine instrumentation-grade noise sources manufactured over the years by White Instruments. The white noise is digitally synthesized by a random number generator operating with an extremely long word length to prevent any noticeable repetition. A precision pinking filter is applied to the white noise to create the pink noise output that is flat (0.5dB) between 20Hz and 20kHz. 

The NOISETUBE package was suggested by our customers who wanted a convenient, pocket-sized way of injecting a quality noise signal into microphone circuits with no battery hassles. Since its introduction the Model 155 has proven to be nearly indestructable and never needs batteries. Future improvements might include a leash to keep the unit from wandering away from its owner. 


Model 155


Number of Outputs:

Fixed Operating Level:
-67dBu (microphone level) 

Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz 0.5dB. 

Less than 0.001% THD at maximum operating level. 

Output Impedance:
Less than 100 ohms. 


Controls and Indicators:

XLR Male. 

Power Requirements:
Phantom microphone power 9-52 VDC. 
2.2mA at 48 VDC. 

Dimensions and Weight:
0.75" diameter by 6.9" length - 3 oz. 
1.9cm diameter by 17.5cm length - 85g. 

Black painted steel with white nomenclature.

Please Note: White Instruments reserves the right to improve our products and to change features and specifications without notice.

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